Oasis Bakery began producing flourless sprouted breads over 25 years ago after learning of the nutritional claims boasted of sprouts. The nourishing properties are amazing; they have the most nutrients per unit of any food known to man.

We also learned that sprouts are more easily digested than whole grains or flour—even by people sensitive to wheat. This is most likely due to the enzymes and amino acids created by the sprouting process; this produces dissolvable compounds out of insoluble oils and turns whole grains into a complete protein food.

To throw some numbers at you, let’s look at wheat: wheat berries contain forty of the forty-four essential nutrients known to man, and only about 5% of wheat’s calories come from fat. When a grain of wheat is sprouted, it retains all the nutrients of the wheat berry, but it becomes a new life. Sprouted bread are digested as a vegetable rather than a starch. Sprouted grain breads are high in fiber since they contain all the bran and germ of the entire wheat kernel.

When wheat is not sprouted, but is milled into flour and refined, twenty-two vitamins and minerals are reduced by forty to seventy percent, and only seven percent of the fiber is left intact. Enriched flour is actually flour that has been stripped of these twenty-two valuable vitamins and minerals and then—to "enrich" the flour—only eight nutrients are added back. For a higher nutrient bread, please look into our organic sprouted Kamut® bread.

Today we use organic whole wheat grains in all of our sprouted products to ensure the highest quality and the best-tasting bread available.

Through all these numbers and facts, we have not forgotten that most people do not eat food solely based upon the factual benefits they provide; to that end, rest assured that Oasis Sprouted Flourless breads are the most delicious on the market. Enjoy them toasted in the morning, or make a sandwich with the rich, chewy texture of Oasis Bakery’s flourless sprouted bread and know that you’re being good to your body!

  • 7-Grain – Out best selling sprouted flourless bread!
  • Wheat A simpler recipe to allow the true taste of our organic wheat grain to come through!
  • Special Sprouted A smooth blend of sprouted organic wheat and organic whole wheat flour!
  • Salt-Free 7-Grain Same ingredients as our popular 7-Grain but with NO salt added!
  • Rye The great taste of sprouted rye grain and caraway for rye bread enthusiasts!
  • Pumpernickel A rye bread sweetened with molasses!
  • Kamut® grain A tasty high-energy bread made with organic Kamut® grain!